As many of you know, I have been creating content for Youtube for 7 years now.
The content includes street theatre and other social experimentation which is part of my attempt to bring about change in the world, by changing the way we think, feel and ultimately behave.

The films have helped many people over the years overcome their fear of authority, question their assumptions, as well as feel relief that someone is prepared to question some of the deceit we are fed through so many channels on a daily basis.

I want to take what I do to a new level. I want to create more films and get those films in front of more people. I want to create lots of events so that I can get other people involved. I want to create better films. And I also want to initiate social experiments that do not just encourage questioning the status quo, but have the potential to create change on the ground. And the crucial thing about all this is that it should be FUN.


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